L:A Bruket dog shampoo
169,00 kr

085 Dog shampoo Lime/Tea Tree/Mint

A fresh and natural dog shampoo that has a nourishing and moisturizing effect on the skin and fur. Essential oils from tea tree, lime and mint have an antibacterial and soothing effect. 100% organic and/or ingredients of natural origin.

500 ml.
Ingredients: Aqua (water), Disodium / sodium cocoyl glutamate (veg.), Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, Coco-glucoside (from coconut), Glyceryl oleate (from olives), Glycerin (veg.), Benzyl alcohol, Citrus aurantifolia peel oil expressed (Lime), Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil (Tea tree), Mentha piperita herb oil (mint), Xantan gum (from corn) Caprylyl/Capryl wheat bran/Straw glycosides (from wheat), Fusel wheat bran/ Straw glycosides (from wheat), Salicylic acid (veg), Polyglycol- 5 oleate (veg), Sorbic acid (veg), Sodium cocoyl glutamate (veg), Glyceryl caprylate (veg).